by Vikram Murthi

Linklater’s camera has no agenda; it simply absorbs all the eccentricities and complexities that exist within his characters as well as their environments

by Sierra Eckert

Nacht – 70% pesticide-free Nacht – now with more fiber Nacht Spring 2013 – The ‘Next’ Issue Nacht is now 5 years old. The magazine first took its inspiration from Van Gogh’s The Night Café: an impressionistic glimpse of dingy café lit with stark yellows, reds, and greens. Populated with members of the Parisian margins, [...]

by Sarah Kim
by Vikram Murthi

In the eyes of fans, Brian Wilson’s personal insanity became tantamount to musical genius.

by Will Glovinsky
Odysseus and Argos, Jean-Auguste Barre

Should time be spent discussing how we feel about literature, or are professors right to discourage such subjective reactions?

by Kari Olmon

Kari Olmon counts down the best of the stage from 2011.

by Maia Gerlinger

But I’m of the opinion that the performitivity of Facebook is perhaps not as new as we might think.

by Samantha Goldstein

Credit Ever wonder what would happen if Cary Grant and George Clooney had a love-child?? Click to see more. Credit Tang Yau Hoong uses negative space to create dynamic images whose different aspects interact with each other on the page. Credit Watercolor: not just for old people Credit Everyone loves bagels.  If you’ve got a [...]